Eat Your Heart Out Horror Film Festival

Eat Your Heart Out HFF is a feminist and LGBTQA horror film festival and an alternative Valentines day event. We feature short films from all over the world and focus mainly on local short films but are we looking for incredible features that meet our screening standards to bookend the days of screenings. We are a NO TORTURE PORN festival focusing on strong characters, horrifying story lines and great looking effects. Eat Your Heart Out Horror Film Festival will rise again on Valentines weekend, February 2019! This highly stylized festival runs every 2 years at the Northwest Film Forum in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

Part of our mission statement at EYHOHFF is to give back to an organization of our choosing by donating all ticket sales to a non profit partner. Our festival in 2017 was proud to sponsor Planned Parenthood and we were happy to have a sold out venue and a packed house to support their cause.