Media Consulting Services

Helping businesses reach their goals by harnessing the power of media marketing to create an interactive experience.





I design custom packages for entertainment clients based on their needs and their budget.  Email for your quote on Business Development, Media Marketing, and Public Relations.



I am interested in helping you build a strategy that reflects your unique brand and culture and meets your business goals and objectives. I will work to clearly define your target audience, research where they are interacting and engaging, and build an effective and results-oriented program for connecting with them. A successful media marketing strategy will encourage interaction and build relationships and building relationships is what I do best. I look to grow your business by expanding your online footprint and directly engaging with new business connections within the community. I will partner with you and work along side your existing team to create innovative content that inspires your target prospects and customers to connect with your organization. I will help your company build a loyal group of followers who are waiting to hear from you.

I have over ten years of experience with local, national and international brands working in sales and marketing online, sponsorships, events, audience development and onsite production. My background in corporate sales and marketing as well as home grown startups help to seamlessly blend media campaigns with traditional and word of mouth campaigns for your business.

I have proven results with comprehensive business development services that can help your company create and identify new avenues of business by tapping into the power of online media and developing community partnerships. I will also work with you to identify areas to improve on your gross profit margins and operational standards by providing a clear analysis of time and materials spent as well as profit versus operational loss.  My background in customer service and company management strengthens policies and procedures that are critical when responding quickly and effectively to issues encountered online and onsite that may affect your customer experience.